This month so far a number of search queries bringing visitors to my website have been pretty interesting questions, and so I thought I would answer them.

First of all, there have been a lot of visitors searching for the NBC Heroes blog. Those interested can check out Tim Kring's Blog (Creator) or Hiro's Blog (Character).

Question marks don't appear in search results, so I've added them at my own discretion.

worldmaker 2006?

No, I don't think that I am running for a congressional post this year.

gametap and earth and beyond?

I haven't heard anything about GameTap acquiring the rights to Earth and Beyond. That's an interesting thought after GameTap's acquiring of Uru, but I'm guessing that there isn't much of Earth and Beyond left... I think it would be much more fun to start a rumor that GameTap is adding Eve Online to their lineup.

petrosun stock opinion?

Don't buy. Obviously a front for the future Emperor of Earth.

louisville pronunciation t-shirts?

Those can be grabbed from the Greater Louisville, Inc store in the Louisville Convention Center. GLI's online store appears to be lacking in the tacky tourist t-shirts department, but I'm betting you could email one of the friendly staff members and they would be more than happy to hook you up.

pronunciation of the place seattle?

Generally the way I hear it is "See-ah-Tull", but I'm guessing if you say "See-Ttl-Ah" you might get some funny looks.

whats gamerscore do?

Gamerscore is the mystical voodoo karma of the tribe of aboriginal humanity that shamanistically humbles themselves before a deity they refer to under many names, but often "360". Do not be alarmed should some tribe member attempt to befriend you by bragging about their so-called "Gamerscore". Beyond being the currency of favor from their deity of choice in all of its chosen forms of community glory it has no substantial real world value. Keep in mind that Gamerscore should never be confused with "Points", which is the true currency of these peoples, because many tribal men have fought and died for points.

With that said, fear my deity-pleasing 1280.

show that the language l=vwv v w {a b} |v|=2 is regular

Someone appears to want me to do their homework for them. I'll refrain from showing the solution (although I believe I may have at one point had a graphic of it on my website), but this process can be done fairly straight forward through a simple DFA. (IIRC, it yields a 15 or 16 state DFA.)