The write up for Fire Lake Resort has been posted. This was a crazy game weekend I took part of during the Summer the weekend before I flew back to Louisville from Redmond. The game is perhaps hard to describe if you haven't experienced one, but basically it was a series of puzzles (described on the website's write up) that took place over a span of just about 48 hours (straight). We competed in teams of generally 6 to 8. My team formed pretty well in advance and we got fairly involved into the pre-game puzzles and the application's "vacation resume". (My Fire Lake flickr group was created as a part of the vacation resume.) A good number of us all worked in the same building and thus worked in Business Solutions. The Crayola color name for our team was a Grayish-Brown color called "Shadow". I was informed that we in Team Shadow placed 2nd (of I believe 13) in the overall standings for the game, which is pretty impressive.