This fall's bottle cap artwork is perhaps not as exciting as the previous beerrow, but these caps where a bit worse for wear due to my lost bottle opener.

In more exciting news, I got to see Dmitri Martin live last night at a small venue (The Showbox in downtown Seattle). It was a good show, even though the "seats" weren't too great (a good portion of the venue was standing room only, making it somewhat uncomfortable for comedian watching, but probably more interesting for concerts).

I really like Dmitri Martin. His trendspotting clips on the Daily Show have been pretty good, and he has a weird, yet relatively dry humor, which hits near a sweet spot for me. His Comedy Central Presents special is good and I believe (I could be wrong), but when this current tour ("These are jokes.") reaches New York they'll be taping it for a second Comedy Central Presents special.

The opening acts where good, too. I believe I've seen the first, Irish comedian David O'Doherty, but I have no idea where that might have been other than I watch way too much Comedy Central stand-up. The second, Leo Allen, didn't stand out as too memorable between the sandwich of whimsy that was DOD and Dmitri. The big thing I remember was that he was the creator of the many recent SNL skits about "The Falconer", which are amusing at times, but I think that portions of his set gave me a few better insights into where that came from.