I was informed last night (Friday night) that I was indeed getting an internship offer from Microsoft. Still waiting on the exact details, but woohoo! The position would be with the Small Business Accounting group. They are a smaller group using the Scrum (Agile) development scheme and mostly Managed Code (C#). Their product is pretty cool, too. Version 1 is out there on shelves and Version 2 is planned/waiting for the big Office 2007 release. It's a QuickBooks competitor with heavy Office integration and an eye towards ISV Vertical Application integration.

I celebrated simply with a few pints of BBC's Belgium Quadrupel (double the alchohol of an average beer, tastes like an apple-cinnamon wine), and glass of beershake (sweet vanilla ice cream was an excellent complement to the almost bitter quadrupel). Remind sometime to expound upon the various and interesting combinations of beer and dessert... I settled for the Quadrupel (which my parents didn't like), but I had been hoping for a Doppelbock, as BBC made an awesome Copulator Doppelbock sometime ago, and I was reminded of it by the Celebrator Doppelbock of Pike's Pub in Seattle. (Doppelbock's are also double the alcohol of an average beer and generally taste like mocha. Also, I find it interesting the C--ator commonality in the beer names.)