City of Heroes and City of Villains provide restricted (only so many characters; so long of an entry) boxes for brief character descriptions. I sometimes enjoy the "Character Creation Game" a bit more than the actual game, particularly as it is a weird creative outlet. City of Villains has been particularly more interesting in the Character Creation stage than the actual gameplay (which is quite similar to City of Heroes). I've enjoyed a bit more derangement in my created characters, as Villains should be deranged, which has left more marks from my odd sense of humor. (The Hero that I most like for its fun-ness and derangement is Mr. Flamingo, a pink-suited guy with Gravity Control and Radiation powers that he built from Flamingo research. Apparently Flamingoes know the secrets to a great Grilled Cheese sandwich, too.) So, if you don't mind derangement and weird humor you might want to read the tale of Dr. Wrangler (posted as a Wiki page on Unlore, so watch out for potential vandalism and if you get any inspiration feel free to expand with more information or story pieces). This tale started out as a Description that was just about too long for the Description block and really wanted fleshing out into a mini-story of its own. I might post a photo of the character design.