I think I'd love to meet Jordan Weisman (Jordan Weisman Escapist Interview). He shares several of my crazier interests (telling stories in weird and amazing ways), started FASA and WizKids, and contributed greatly to BattleTech/Mech*, Crimson Skies, The Beast, I Love Bees and Last Call Poker among other things. Those last three, for those that know me, are of particular interest to me and a big reason why I think 42 Entertainment sounds like a really neat place to work. My only complaint against them is they play themselves off too much as a marketing company. Certainly they have the right attitude for a marketing company (marketing today isn't about in your face advertising, it's about making connections and reaching out to communities), but they certainly could use their knowledge to create non-marketing-campaign gaming experiences.

Anyway, Jordan Weisman sounds something closest to a role model for the types of things that I'd love to do if given the chance. FASA's properties, particularly BattleTech and more often Crimson Skies, are very common for me to use in hypothetical game design dialogues involving MMOs. The Beast, even though I didn't "play" it, is an oft referenced game in my gaming vocabulary and I think there are so many directions that ARGs point the way towards (for instance, my LARC plan), they just need to be pursued.