I've uploaded the photos from my NYC vacation with my family. We had some fun, some anger, copious amounts of subway time, and some great food. There are quite a few photos of my little sister, Grace, who also happened to take some of the photos and is excited to have photos on at least one of the internets. I promised to show her how to make a simple website if I get a chance this week. To recap: I flew back to Louisville on the 31st of July. Flew to NYC on the 5th of August for a vacation with my family. Flew back to Louisville today (the 13th of Aug). Will fly back to Seattle/Redmond on Saturday (August 19th). 12 Weeks out there, and then I'll be back in Louisville in time for Thanksgiving, giving me a pretty nice "break" between then and the start of the Spring semester of classes.

(Also uploaded were photos of the beerrow I created of some of the bottle caps from the (mainly) beers that I drank over the Summer. Most of them are micro-brews, as is my preference.)