Yesterday was yet another resume-sending day in what feels like a long fruitless job search. I could only think of three companies I felt like sending my resume to yesterday, and two of those didn't have a way to apply. I feel real stupid because I've really lost a lot of confidence in the business world. I'm not sure really if I actually want another job at this point, the way I feel like I've been mistreated. The money might be nice, but I don't really know what I want to do anymore in the job world, and I'm getting kind of fed-up at the beauracratic nature of business, the slow pace, and the lack of anything really in the way of response to inquiries and applications.

Maybe I'm just impatient, but the "pace of business" just seems so glacial. I spoke with one particular company for over two months and they sounded like they were interested, but then they just didn't seem to be moving on it. I guess I could contact them again, but the initial enthusiasm has drained away.

The only reason I need a job right now is for my degree requirements (required 2 coops for the BS, 3 for the M.Eng). I'm tempted to just grab a work study here for my second, like foreign nationals and other people who can't get a "real job". Another possibility I've considered is to just take a semester off and get real involved in some big Open Source project like Mozilla or Mono. If I wrote a somewhat detailed coop report on how much I learned from the experience I figure the CECS Department would accept it. I'll remain a poor college student, not getting paid what I think I'm worth, but I'll at least get something in the way of actual experience.

Anyone have any ideas for good companies I could send my resume to? Anyone want to help me get my foot in the door somewhere?