I still really haven't made up my mind on what I think would be the most interesting graduate study, assuming I decide to continue with graduate study. I'm not sure who to best ask for advice, either. I'm also not quite sure who's going to pay for it. I could really use some scholarship money, but my cumulative GPA still needs a point or two before I can really compete in that department.

Anyway, here's the possibilities I'm considering:

The Do Nothing Alternative: MEng

This is the easy, straight arrow graduate work in the field and department I'm already a member of. This is (full speed) 1 year from the end of the BSc.


Nothing additional.

Engineering PhD

The CECS department is also hoping to push people towards this. I'm not sure its for me, because (among other reasons) I speak English too well and have social skills. Jokes aside, the PhD is not accredited and not "big name" enough to really be worth it other than the experience of doing a Dissertation.


Nothing additional from the MEng, I believe.

MBA/MEng Joint Program

The University of Louisville's Business School has much more national recognition than the Speed School of Engineering. I don't have to search for a new school and 6 MEng Elective credit hours are gauranteed to double-count, or I can take two Business Electives and skip the MEng. This would be full speed 1.5-2 years (30 Credit Hours) from recieving the MEng, probably closer to 3 years. All UofL MBA courses are evening courses and aligned for those working full time; thus money might not be as much of a big deal.


Courses: Accounting 201; Admissions Test: GMAT; Target Cum. GPA: 3.5


This sounded more interesting to me today at the MBA/MEng forum. It is a two-year "intensive" MBA, requiring a dedicated time commitment (each incoming class goes through all classes at same pace), focused on Entrepreneurial skills and business startups. I could do this with or without the MEng, and unlike the above program there are no double-dipping courses.


Same as above

Masters/PhD in Linguistics

Linguistics, as some know, is a particular area of interest of mine. I have an easy time with a lot of the concepts and I've done some very weird linguistic things for fun. The big question here would be what I wanted to do with such a degree. There are really two major job paths with such a degree (using the degree): teaching and computer research-oriented software development. The second one isn't a bad path, and I've heard a rumor that a PhD in Linguistics with a Computing background is something of an "auto-hire" for Google. The big deal here is that there are no Linguistics programs in this State. I would have to seek and apply to a program somewhere else; which would come with its own anxiety and worry. The two "nearest" programs I know of are at Indiana University and Georgetown University. Both have decently reknowned Linguistics programs... Georgetown is "ivy league". IU is also the home of The Center for the Study of Synthetic Worlds, formed by Edward Castronova, which is near the heart of where my major interest lies. It would probably be real neat to at least visit this center and meet Mr. Castronova (I can't tell you how much of his works I've read).

Time commitment: ????, quite probably 3-5 years additional with or without the MEng


Course: ????; Admissions Test: either GMAT or GRE; Target Cum. GPA: ????