I'm still working on setting up the Drupal environment for collaborative writing projects over at Mythoi.com. My next major hurdle is I want to set up a very powerful drupal-centric Wiki system. There is bits and pieces of the code that I need, but nothing that satisfies me just yet. With that said, I'm also trying to work on promotional and identity development for the project. I've started a rough draft of a manifesto and have sent emails to a couple of groups that have tangential interests in the area for comments and criticisms. So far the response has been encouraging.

I was randomly surfing and read a bit about a Microsoft Research project called "Singularity" to build a mostly managed (ie, C#) OS and kernel. All I can say is that it is about time. They even mention in the Channel 9 videa that this isn't so much a "new idea" as it is a "new approach"... Smalltalk and Lisp have both had "managed" OS implementations decades ago. In fact, I've never seen one, but what I read about Lisp machines is fascinating. I'm still wondering when hardware manufacturers are going to start thinking about hardware optimizing some of the things that the Lisp machines did, such as hardware Garbage Collection.