This week was wild. I have only one class, but it is exhausting. Each class is three hours. Each class is one week of instruction in a normal semester. I found that I sort of liked this focused "one class at a time" thing. It's just that it leaves the mind useless for much else. Not that I have time for much else, this week it has been class, nap, beer, homework (a lot of reading for the class), usually in that order.

I re-realized this week that I keep wishing for a Posse all my own (in searching for someone or somepeople to see a play with or to go bowling with). I've always felt like some poor follower. I've always felt like people think its my job to figure out what's going on tonight and where. I rarely get a "Hey, Max, here's what is kicking, you want to come?". So many nights I only know that some people have descended on this house when they turn on music way too loud. Why is it too hard to let me know ahead of time? Even just a brief knock might be appreciated. I never get a "Hey, Max, what are you planning for tonight and can I come?". Furthermore, I ain't in any relationship with someone that I could easily coerce to doing things with me. That isn't to say there aren't people I can't call ahead of time and might get to go, but sometimes I want someone there guaranteed to go at the last minute wherever I might go. Basically, I guess, I'm just tired of doing the things I want to do alone.

By the way, today's title is brought to you by "The Dude", or "El Duderino" if you aren't into that whole brevity thing.