I've gone ahead and set up basic websites on Mythoi.com, Smeap.com and Unlore.com. All three are running my Blog's Drupal code with seperate configurations and sharing the same user database.

With that accomplished, I'm opening up the future of these prime WorldMaker.Network websites to your opinions. I know what the focus of Smeap.com is, but I'm not entirely certain where to take the focus of Mythoi and Unlore. I'm hoping to encourage some form of collaborative fiction writing on each, but what sort of fiction, what style of collaboration, and who is collaborating, hasn't been decided.

Are you a writer or an aspiring writer? Do you want a Creative Commons by-nc-sa/2.0 playground to play in? I think Mythoi.com and Unlore.com could be great venues for that, I have several unique CC by-nc-sa/2.0 universes to play in, and you could be in on the ground floor. It is as simple as making a comment to this post or, you can email me. Artists, map makers, creatives of all sorts are welcome to comment as well.

Max Battcher / WorldMaker, owner and proprietor

PS, the naming rights for the main character of The Untitled Mythoi Novel are still up for grabs.