I've been playing around with Google AdSense code on this site. You may start to see them here and there. I added a Google search box to select pages (the front page and /node/# pages, which is largely only blog entries). On all but the front page of those same pages I've added two ad blocks that may display randomly (at the moment I've set each to display about 1/3rd of the time.) I didn't do it to make money (I have no illusions of big ad revenue; I tried that game when ad money was big and still made nothing) or because I needed ads. I'm doing it largely as a trial basis. I was curious about the way the system works, and particularly about the new "AdLinks" type which acts more like a "Related Pages" system from what hear. I was also curious as to what sort of ads my semi-random blogging might generate (I always love the weird and random keywords my site gets high rankings in). But also because, Google's AdSense policies require a website to be "content-focused" and this blog is the most content-rich in my Network at the moment. However, I keep having big ideas on content-rich new sites, but I just haven't had the time or energy yet. Should I do, this AdSense test might prove useful.

For more interesting discussion: the Louisville Cardinals are heading to the Elite Eight after another "blowout" tournament win! This is really energizing this city (my friends, alone). We haven't had a team get to the Elite Eight since I was in middle school, but I think that we've been due for it for a couple of years now.