Wednesday night really screwed up my sleep pattern, as if it needed it. Somewhere between the combination of outside temperature and downstairs temperature the house's boiler decided to kick my ass. The heat led to a shallow, short sleep full of crazed dream-like images. I couldn't fall asleep again, so being a geek I ended up doing some programming at 5 in the morning. (My latest infatuation is I keep thinking that I just might write a full Canasta implementation using the libraries proffered by Game Gardens.) So, this morning, with caffeine and a long afternoon nap I've stayed up much later than I probably should have. Not that this a new phenomenon for me, just that I've been pretty good about restricting it this semester, and I guess seeing as how "spring break started" with my afternoon nap, I think that I'm allowed.

So, I've been conversant with some, and spending way too much time with The Facebook. I've been on other social networking sites before, and actually comparatively The Facebook has fewer features than some, but the focus on college networking yields it surprising power because college is one of those "small worlds" where after a while, everybody is interconnected in some way. Already in only a few weeks of finally opening up shop for UofL students, the "place" is full and lively. It's intriquing to watch the dynamics after it has been open for only a short period. I've met several new interesting people already who I might not have met due to the seperation of Speed and A&S. It's also incredible to be able to hear someone's name or meet a new person and almost immediately put a face and/or interests right up. Some of the things I've been able to do in Google have been crazy, but with such a better people-targeted search, the stuff I can do in The Facebook is sometimes downright scary. Luckily for everyone I only use my powers for good and neutral. (What makes a man turn neutral?)