It really didn't answer any of the questions I had going into the speech. It seemed like a nice collection of platitudes and fiction, and I am happy to say that today he seemed well rehearsed and had no problems reading the teleprompter. Most worrisome to me was that he called this current war a part of a "World War 3" and either the Iraqi conflict is more serious than I know or they are planning something far scarier. I don't like the "offense is the best defense" rhetoric and I don't like this idea of a "neverending Global War on Terror". [In reading the transcript it was made more obvious that he was supposedly quoting Osama bin Ladin when he said "World War 3", but I don't know what kind of moron leader would ever say such panic-loaded words in front of a national audience. Obviously I jumped to the wrong conclusion as soon as they were uttered and I'm surprised no one else did.] It irks me that they see this as being in everyone's best interest; that it is a war of Good versus Evil with no shades of gray inbetween. I don't believe that the "ends justify the means" either and feel that more effort needs to be brought into asking the tough questions. Whether or not the war is "going well" now, I wish this administration would be held accountable for bringing us into the war under false pretenses.