The RailNet series started simply enough. I wanted to try my hand at writing a personal story of the end of a universe. In a simple, dueling narrative The Last Train to Beldor V told the story of a young girl doomed to this ending universe and the impersonal beauracratize that made sure everyone knew the end was coming. Then something unexpected happened: I fell in love with characters and the story. As one of the few DRAGONzine stories planned from the beginning to not be a series, I suddenly realized that where I thought I had written an end, I really created a beautiful beginning. What resulted was a retooling, reexamining, and redocumentation of the universe. I wrote two short stories with bits of the larger world history shortly after the end of DRAGONzine and also pushed RailNet from its humble roots into being one of my top documented universes.

Which is why on 6/9/2005 I'm planning to use RailNet as one of the foundations of the Open Mythos Endeavour.