Okay, I've been timeshifting a particular (nearly) 20 year old TV show set "20 Minutes Into the Future". I was 3 when it first aired, but it is just as bitingly satirical now as it was then. In fact, its almost scarier because its easier to be worried that it actually happened 20 minutes in the past and if you turn to CNN you'll find Edison Carter reporting. I'm at least relieved to find that the local cable channel 23 is nothing more dangerous than "QVC", though.

Anyway, I'm slowly going through the "tapes" one by one, in order, and the last two have been particularly good (or bad, really). Security System showed a frightening world where Credit Fraud had become a worse crime than Murder. With the current worries of identity theft and debt consolidation I wonder how far we are from a congressional bill clammoring for higher punishments for Credit Fraud.

War was even more mind numbingly foretelling. Shown four years before the official start of the first Gulf War (not to mention this second one, or Osama bin Ladin), it told the story of a "terrorist" selling his "revolution" to the networks for big ratings. I don't know about anyone else, but I for one sometimes believe that the real war is the one between the 24-hour news channels saying stupid shit.