Woke up a few hours earlier than I meant to due to a cockroach flying on to my head. It was a huge one, so apparently just a loner, probably disturbed by the fences and initial stages of yesterday's construction in our "back yard". I can't figure out why it thought (I guess they don't) my head would be a good place to be. It's a fraternity house, so it's not like it might be all that hard to look for someplace better. Oddly enough, all the problems with mice and squirrels this is the first cockroach I can recall seeing. The thing woke me mostly because it had this awful "rotten grass leaves" smell (and usually I don't dream in smells). I can't seem to get that smell off my hand and it bugs me. I guess the smell means the thing defecated on me... what a beautiful thought for first thing in the morning, eh?