First of all, got my A back from German 141. I'm so excited over even such a minute GPA boost. I think I've finally hit the right course and I'm excited and happy with my studies.

CafePress today opened their new Louisville facility, where 80%+ of their production will be moving (millions of made to order products). To celebrate they invited their "shopkeepers" in/near this area for a free barbeque (with free beer) and free shirt. Free food and a t-shirt was enough to entice this college student. In that respect it was well worth it. There was even a tour of what little there is to the facility already, and some info on where it will go. While I was there they even "test shipped" their first products (newly printed posters) from the facility.

I was surprised to find how small and personable the company really was, and met several of the developers today. Not only was this a great networking opportunity, but I met the VP of HR and was told that they were quite interested in developing ties with the University of Louisville Speed School of Engineering and the possibility of hiring a coop for work for on on-hand software needs at their Louisville facility. I've been looking for an unusual coop, and this may just be it... I'll basically be defining the role for those to come, and unlike the last experience I'll be right there (sight, smell, sound) along with the "real work". They seem ready to start the position "now", and I'd be more than willing to jump in this Fall term. (It's the middle/end of the current term and I'm taking classes so starting "now" would be a bit tougher.)

Now I just have to see this through. I just sent an email to my coop advisor and am starting what balls I can rolling...