With this in mind, I think this group can push the SSSC back out of the "cruise control" rut we've been finding ourselves in of late. My vision for this term: to bring involvement in SSSC to the people; in short, to garner interest beyond the small group/class that has been council for the last couple of years. Speed Student Council is supposed to represent the people, but it hasn't really been doing that of late -- I want to make strides to change that.

SSSC is a representative democracy. In a perfect situation there is as little involvement as necessary to provide the most service to the constituents (without oppressing minorities and without coming too close to dictatorship). That is, you want a dedicated minority of the students willing to work for the majority of them. It sounds all well and good to "bring involvement", but it doesn't matter a hill of beans if it isn't doing what it needs to do.

Beyond that, your complaint against the "cruise control" rut is intrigueing. "Cruise Control" implies stability and a formula approach to the governship of SSSC. Typically, that has been procisely the Conservative want is that sort of stability. Conservatism, from name alone, wants that all future actions can be dealt with under the laws of the past and that stability can be reached. I've always been a fan of organized chaos, myself.