I was just reminded about how much I've spent on stuff-carrying bags™. Just to provide more stuff for people to read from me that no one actually cares about, I thought I might share what I'm using. I blame it on Waterfield Designs that I've become somewhat obsessed with quality. For my laptop I bought a SleeveCase from them that has been genuinely awesome. I can quickly attach the shoulder strap and carry just the laptop (the piggyback gives me room to throw, say, power cables, mouse, and wireless card), or, I can put the SleeveCase into my backpack. Waterfield doesn't sell back packs (they have some really nice courier bags, but I prefer a backpack), and so when my 5 year old Eastpak died I ended up buying a nice L. L. Bean backpack. It took some searching... The Eastpak had spoiled me, but I wanted something bigger. A straw poll amongst my friends pointed toward L. L. Bean, and I became infatuated. I particularly like the fact that there are enough of them around that people won't suspect it of carrying anything more the textbooks (for those times I want to carry my laptop), but distinct enough that I can spot it from a distance. (The cheap monogramming helps, too.)