Did a few things I had been meaning to do:

  • Added a status update to Mythoi.com. I still think the project has potential, but there's no snowball just yet.
  • Finally installed the Trackback module.
  • Finally re-added the blockquotes.js script to the template. I missed it.
  • Did not re-add the xfn.js script, as I'm not so sure about the icons I had created. Maybe I just got tired of them. Maybe someone with better graphics wizardry should give it a shot.
  • Updated the "Friends" block. Pentrant has a new address.
  • Updated my resume with the Spring Semester dates. Time to start sending out my resume, again. I was chuckling that the coop department is angry that the University career services department is stupid understaffed and now many other co-opees are going to be sending out their own resumes like I've been doing the past couple semesters.