The great power of the Internet is how it truly does put just about everyone on a level playing field. Slowly new mechanisms get put in place to let the best ideas bubble to the top and get the attention they deserve. Some of the sites that I visit every so often are Slashdot and The Facebook. One is for technology and geek news filtering, the other is for social networking amongst college students. Lately I've added The Omidyar Network to the list. I've actually had the Omidyar account for some time now, but never actually used it until a few days ago. It has been intriquing. My Dad pointed it out to me as a possible place to interact when he read about it in Esquire magazine. I'm not sure why he didn't just join himself, but maybe he feels he is out of ideas this late in life. I might mention it too him. The Omidyar Network was founded by Pierre and Pam Omidyar who gained a lot of money from the success of eBay. In their search for good business proposals and investment proposals they created this website which acts as basically an "eBay for ideas" allowing for good proposals and good ideas to bubble to their attention. My own involvement has started small. Curiously enough it started where so many of my enterprises over the years have started in that some of my early writings have gone towards helping with simple computer problems. At the moment I'm not entirely sure where I expect to go with it or what I expect to get out it, but it never hurts to make new friends. Same reason I interact with The Facebook, really.

I found (or refound, as I believe is the case) the Go2Zero Campaign today from a post on Omidyar. The Campaign was/is to use the precipitous 2000 as a good candidate for a calendar reset (2000 AD/CE = Year 0 GE). I think I like it and its "Global Era".

Also, I found it really cool that I recieved feedback on the "We are not evil." section of The Business of Liberty from one of the people mentioned in it. Again, I just truly love how the Internet equalizes things. How often is it that you get a clarification on a college paper from someone actually involved?