Agin Kwisaki was old. He had served the World Government for more than half his life and sometimes wished he hadn’t. He still hadn’t retired, after telling himself every year that now was the time to see the World he had helped govern. Of course there were perks that came with seniority, but right now he didn’t care for them. Elections were coming up, and even though he had one won them time and again, something felt odd this time. The smell of politics had changed and Agin wasn’t sure what that meant for him, an old geezer who had spent a lot of time in office.

Nova Sholaba smiled at the crowd, his crowd, and chuckled to himself. He raised his hands and they cheered even louder than before. He lowered his hands and they silenced, waiting to hear what he had to say. Nova had to admit to himself that it felt good to be up on the podium speaking.

“For too long have we let our animal cousins fear us. For too long we have abused Mother Earth!”

The crowd cheered, mixed of animal lovers of many types, all appreciated a politician who could speak for them.

“We, the Human population of Earth must cease treating Animals as pets and caged things for our own amusement, but as equals!”

A lone voice hissed, “They are inferior! What are you talking about?”

Nova sighed, there was always one who did not believe, “Sir, I am afraid you are in the wrong place. Security, you know how to handle this.”

Nova let it slip his mind as he returned to moving the crowd.

Excerpt from Introduction to World Politics:

The world has been peacefully governed for 150 years without incidence. The so-called World Government, officially known as the United World Republic, has had little incidence. The strong UWR has already begun colonization of the planet Mars and UWR Moonbase is full of UWR astrologists . . .

“Nova Sholaba continues to gain votes in the race for President. With me is current Cabinet Major for President Vracharda, Agin Kwisaki to discuss this new entry into an already tight race.” Chrona Fejito, the latest TalkPoli host, nodded to her guest.

Agin wiped sweat of his brow and nodded back. “I’m glad to be here,” he lied, he couldn’t stand the sensationalism of TalkPoli, “Shall we begin?”

Chrona Fejito smiled an almost noxious smile, her chiseled face showing signs of Facial Rejuv, the hottest new therapy for those who’ve got to have it (whatever that was). “Okay, what do you think about Nova Sholaba and his Doolittlism?”

“To tell you the truth, the guy seems like a nut to me. I’m not sure if he’s cut for Politics.”

Chrona grimaced slightly. Agin sighed, she must be one of those Doolittlist nuts, better be careful what I say.

“As for Doolittlism, it does have its merits, but World Gov. is already doing everything it can to conserve the animals. What more does this Nova kid want?”

Chrona frowned, “We’ve got a call. Hello? You’re on TalkPoli Live! Broadcasting from UriGen Studios.”

A male voice spoke over the Net and was displayed on a monitor for Agin to watch. “Mr. Kwisaki, how can you say that when your own reports show an increase in Species Death within the past forty-three years?”

“Species Death is part of the natural order of things, we cannot control it or impede it.”

The male tensed, “Yes, but not at a rate of almost a species a day. Most insect species are dead, Mr. Kwisaki.”

“There have been times where Species Deaths have been very high-- . . .”

The male interjected, “During Climate Changes and minor Apocalypses.”

“—But, even so, some deaths were called for by the public… such as the mosquito.”

The male sighed, said, “You are an egocentric pig… Long Live Nova, Animals Have Rights Too!” and abruptly hung up.

Excerpt from The Doolittlist Manifesto by Zuko Sholaba:

…The way we govern, the way we work, and everything about us needs to change before we are fit to have another planet… We must do the best we can with this one… In the game of Life, there are no second chances…

“Yesterday, June 25th, 2932, the Doolittlist Candidate Nova Sholaba was put into office by a landslide vote. The way the polls were going; it’s not a big surprise. President Sholaba will be sworn in today at 1500, but he has so far not revealed who will be on his cabinet…”

Agin Kwisaki turned off the television. He was tired and angry. He had always planned on going out of his own volition, not pushed out by a new younger generation. He leaned back in his Recliner and let his wallscreen’s screensaver rock him into a partial nap. The screen flashed an Orange priority signal in the lower right-hand corner. Agin sighed, let his recliner up and spoke to the screen, “System: Answer; audio only”. On the screen appeared a larger than life sized image of the newly elected President Sholaba.

“Congratulations on your win… President.”

Nova smiled warmly, “Thank you. I would like to speak to you on something important.”

The status-blip in the corner of the wall screen pulsated from Orange to the Cyan of a Data Connection; the house computer system spoke up, “Public-key received… Sending System Public-Key… Key Sent… Switching to Encrypted Data Line.”

Once more the status-blip changed color, this time to the reddish orange of an Encrypted line.

Agin sighed, “So, what do you wish to talk about.”

“I know that you think I am a nut, but I would like you to be my Cabinet Major. No one else qualifies. Before you say no, let me show you something.”

Agin smiled to himself, happy to be wanted, “Okay, I’m listening.”

“Meet me at UriGen Headquarters in half and hour. I’ll be waiting by the front door.”

Agin frowned, “UriGen?”

Excerpt from 30th Century Business:

UriGen has been a wildcard in the field of Biogenetics… They have been very open on the kinds of research and work done at UriGen, but with sole profit gathered in ventures such as Netvision… many experts aren’t sure exactly what UriGen’s long-term plans are, and are afraid to find out.

“I’m sure you have done your homework on me and my family, Mr. Kwisaki,” Nova asked mildly as they strolled into the lobby, “So tell me, what do you know of my mother?”

Agin shrugged, “Not very much, she has kept her privacy well. Here’s what I know about Zuko Sholaba; she’s a divorced ex-scientist who used to work for Yatithokanta Research Labs in Toronto before the place went under. Her current employment is unknown, and how she raises money to support her three children, Nova, Payfay, and Tiga Sholaba is also unknown.”

Nova smiled, “Very good, I’m surprised you have found even that much on the Net, your search engine must be superb.”

Agin chuckled, “Not even the best search engine could have gotten all of that… not the way your mother has vanished off the face of the net. No, I also had a friend who knew your mother at Yatithokanta.”

“Well then, let me fill you in on some more of my mother’s history: My mother has worked in the field of Biogenetics for a long time. After her divorce and the failure of Yatithokanta she despaired. However, she had hope in her previous project and wrote a book that was published only for a short period, net-only. This book was titled ‘The Doolittlist Manifesto’ and was picked up by a collection of esoteric people across the world. Many of these were rich and very interested in what my mother had to say. They financed UriGen and put her as President of the company. Each of those who had read the original book was placed in her cabinet, the UriGen Council. From behind the scenes through Netvision and other methods the Council and UriGen itself finished my mother’s original research and began pulling string politically.”

Agin paled, why is he telling me all of this? Isn’t he afraid I might let his secret slip? Is he just part of a mad conspiracy to get the rich in power over the government?

Agin laughed, “Charles Darwin. He’s dead.”

Nova turned to the secretary behind the reception desk, “Tell my mother that we are on our way, and send for the elevator.”

Then it was Nova’s turn to laugh, “No, I’m not talking about Charles Darwin, I’m talking about acronym DARWIN. Let me show you.”

Excerpt from TalkPoli Live! Special Inauguration Episode:

C. FEJITO: We are just a few hours away from the big moment and boy am I excited! This is the first UWR President to be well liked, and many are full behind President Sholaba’s reforms on Natural Issues…

“Mother, I would like you to meet Mr. Agin Kwisaki; Mr. Kwisaki, this is my mother, Ms. Zuko Sholaba.”

Agin bowed, “It is a pleasure to meet you Ms. Sholaba.”

Ms. Sholaba, almost completely gray, yet still graceful of movement, returned his bow with a curtsy, “The pleasure is all mine, Mr. Kwisaki. It is rare when I get to entertain such a notable politician as you.”

Agin smiled, “You flatter me, but could you please explain this so-called DARWIN?”

Ms. Sholaba’s smile was disarming and much more real than most, “DARWIN is something I’ve spent most of my life on. I’m afraid that it has changed so much over time that the original meaning of the acronym at Yatithokanta has lost much of its weight.”

Ms. Sholaba turned on a wallscreen at the far side of the conference room. Agin had a hard time decoding much of it… it was full of schematics and Genetic Code sequences. Ms. Sholaba sat down and motioned for Agin to do the same. “Please warn me if I start to go over your head… I’m used to entertaining people with scientific backgrounds, and I do tend to ramble.”

Agin nodded and Ms. Sholaba continued, “DARWIN is an idea that people have played with for centuries… ever since the 20th/21st centuries at the latest. Imagine intelligent animals, ones who can speak, think and interact on the same level we can.”

“So DARWIN is a biogenetic ability to increase the intelligence of the remaining animal species?”

Ms. Sholaba shook her head, “Not entirely, though that is a part of it. Originally it was even believed that it would be possible to do it completely in the genes, but as DARWIN progressed, we found that we needed something more, hence the schematics. In order to make it work we need modern technology-- net tech to be specific. The schematic you see here is off a very simple prototype model developed here at UriGen. Known as N.A.R.F. technology, the ‘Neural Amplifier/Receptive Feedback’ technology generates an extra-somatic method of intelligence.”

Agin frowned, “Extra-somatic method of intelligence?”

Ms Sholaba nodded, “Basically, the machine allows us to have the mind work… outside of the head. It sounds weird, but it works. Using the basic construction of the system they can be created for almost any animal, and for multiple purposes.”

Agin was awed, “Incredible… using this NARF tech you can increase the mental capacities of anything… So then why is Biogen necessary at all, if the NARF does everything you need? How does NARF use net tech?”

Ms. Sholaba frowned, “Biogen is definitely necessary. The animal’s mind must be adapted to be receptive to NARF technology or it won’t work. Since NARF is based on human neural patterns we have to make the animals conform to human neural patterns.”


“As for net tech,” Ms. Sholaba continued, “I bet that we three are probably some of the sole people remaining without a DNC.”

Agin frowned, “What does a Direct Neural Connection have to do with… oh, so you use DNCs to plug your NARF into an animal… Isn’t that against the law? Everything should have a choice.”

“No, we don’t use DNCs, but we use something similar. Ever heard of a thing called a ENFG?”

Agin shook his head.

“Electro-Neural Field Generators were considered impossible… the skull is too great a shield to allow for neural communication with an outside system. That isn’t true. UriGen is the sole patent owner of ENFG tech, and we have downplayed discovery to keep the tech from falling into the wrong hands.”

Agin frowned, “How altruistic, why are you so worried about that tech?”

“Imagine it, Mr. Kwisaki, with ENFG tech anyone can control anyone’s mind. The dangers of such tech are unimaginable… You could be forced to live your worst fears, have your most secret secrets stolen from your mind, or even be sent into a permanent vegetable state,” Ms. Sholaba’s voice held little rancor.

Nova spoke up for the first time, “Which is where I come in. We must get a kind, gentle government setup to keep these things out of the wrong hands. We must get NARF and DARWIN publicly approved, and we must do it slowly. We need your help. You have the political clout and experience we need to get the ball rolling and get a long-term political strategy working. We’ve already done the easy part, getting elected.”

Agin chuckled to himself. “Count me in, I’m interested in this whole odd business. One last political war for me to fight… might as well fight it in something that will change the world.”

“I’m Chrona Fejito, welcome back to our full day ‘TalkPoli Live! Special Inaugural Episode’. We’re live from World Square in Proru, Antarctica. We’ve just received word from UriGen Studios in California that President Sholaba is within minutes of j’optering in.”

For the second time that day Agin Kwisaki tried to remain calm while traveling by the ultra fast jet ‘copter, colloquially known as a jump hopper. It wasn’t like most peoples’ fear of the speed or height, but it was his own remembrances of the time he had almost crashed in one. Of course, that was back when the AI net-face wasn’t as ‘smart’ as it is now, but Agin still didn’t trust something so blasted stupid as a jump hopper. After all, how can you trust something that a human isn’t fast enough to pilot, much less has to be controlled by an AI system linked to one of world’s biggest traffic jams, the net.

“President Sholaba’s jump hopper is visible on the edge of the horizon. As you can see, it is slowing its speed enough to make a safe landing on the jump platform to the west of the building. The ceremony should begin shortly.”

Chrona made a cut-off motion with her hand and leaned back in her chair. “Tell me again why we are doing a full day of this?”

Chrona’s producer, T. L. Applegate, sighed, “Because the pay is good and because we plan on getting out of this show and onto something better like Celeb Pie Hour or Cooking with Chrona.”

Chrona laughed, her producer always knew what to say to make her feel better, “At least I can cook T.”

T faked a wince, “Oh, come on Chrona, give me a break… while on the subject, though, er… my cook is on vacation and could you… you know…”

“Cook for you?” she asked him, “I’d love to T,” she smiled at him and he smiled back.

T glanced at the ceremonial stage, “I think they are about to start… On 3…” he counted the numbers down on his hand before giving Chrona the signal to begin.

“Once more we are back live at World Square. The ceremony seems almost ready to begin and we expect the President out at any moment with his full assembled cabinet, which we still do not have any clue as to who will be on it.”

An announcer voice filled the square, projected from multiple hidden speakers, “Ladies and Gentleman, please be seated, we present Candidate Sholaba, voted by the public, through the net and voting terminals, of the United World, to be the next President.”

As per instructions Chrona filled the time that it would take for the ceremonial opening of the grand doors with a political commentary, “Although recognized by the public and referred by the public as President, Nova Sholaba is not recognized by the government as President until after the ceremony.”

The doors were full open and the lower cabinet members waltzed out to their seats on the far ends of the long table that stretched the length of the stage. Slowly the middle cabinet members filtered in and took their seats as well. The announcer all the while reciting names. The higher cabinet positions were brought out with more fanfare and the announcer recited name and title. The Vice President was cheered to the third remaining seat. Eventually there were two seats left at the middle of the table, one for the President himself, the other for the Presidents first aide, the Cabinet Major. The announcer announced, “Cabinet Major-- Agin Kwisaki.”

“What!” shouted Chrona before remembering she was on camera, “Well this has certainly been a surprise; the President has chosen current chairholder Agin Kwisaki to remain as Cabinet Major. I’m sure I speak for many when I wonder what the reasoning is behind this move.”

The announcer boomed, “Candidate Sholaba.”

Many in the crowd cheered as Nova Sholaba, in the ceremonial robes of state, regally walked down the stairs and took a seat in the exact middle chair. The Chief Justice Yis Arthro stepped up to the middle chair. He voiced, amplified by the speaker system, “Candidate Sholaba, you have been voted by the peoples of the world to lead them in honor and dignity. Do you accept this post and all of the responsibilities that come with it?”


Chrona commented, “The first question is a mere formality added after Sighyu Howagu ran out of the ceremony because of stage-fright.”

The Justice nodded and proceeded to the next question, “Your chosen cabinet members are here by your side. These cabinet members shall advise you on matters of state, have you chosen them well?”


The Justice continued, “The Justice calls forth the Speaker of the House.”

A Hologrammatic Display appeared with the features of the current Speaker of the House.

The Justice turned to the display and asked, “Has Congress reached a vote as to the suitability of the President’s chosen cabinet?”


The Justice went on, “Then, as representative of the combined houses until the Vice President is appointed, how does congress vote?”

The Speaker bowed, “Although we do not know the logic behind the choice of Cabinet Major for this Candidate, Congress agrees that this Cabinet is suitable for the Candidate.”

The display fizzled out and the Justice turned back to Nova Sholaba, “You must repeat the oath of office after me.”

Chrona cut in on overdub for those too bored to listen to the Presidential oath, “Justice Arthro now administers the oath of office. The oath is a very basic oath that recounts the goals of the UWR and the responsibilities of the President in particular…”

After the recitation was complete Justice Arthro smiled, bowed, and then took his seat off stage. The announcer voiced, “May we introduce President Sholaba, the 34th President of the United World Republic.”

Everyone in the audience cheered, many loudly. Nova beamed.

Excerpt from Doolittle’s Era: A Retrospective:

…June 26th, 2932 was a big day in the history of the world… It marked not only the institution of the first President Sholaba, but it was also the day that Agin Kwisaki, a political genius, joined the campaign… But most importantly, it was especially the day when history was forever made…

It was about 1350 Antarctica Unstandard Time and the meeting was coming to a close, most points had been decided: the project schedule, long term goals, and how this information was to be stored. Agin was growing a bit tired after all of the arguing between the much younger members who made up the rest of the cabinet. Suddenly, what-was-his-name, one of the lower members in the accounting group of members cried out, “The figures don’t work! There isn’t enough space in the budget for DARWIN and NARF if we keep all the current UWR programs.”

Ayo Bunefe, Secretary of State, and a cabinet member Agin was beginning to like, sighed, “Well, what can we get rid off? Something nonessential… but also something that isn’t going to make a big public stir…”

Someone from the Narcotics section of the cabinet yelled out, “How about drug awareness programs?” causing a snigger to chorus through the rest of the Narcotics cabinet members.

Kafash Ebili, Secretary of Space, looked up from his datapad and gave an attention wanting cough. All of the members of the cabinet turned towards him. He smiled and chuckled, “Okay, I’ve got a riddle for you… What takes lots of budget space yearly, has been delayed ninety times already and the public has already lost faith in?”

Many of the cabinet members had blank stares, some broke into small groups of conversation, and others chuckled silently to themselves. Agin growled, “I’m tired, I want to get home, what are you hinting at?”

Kafash smiled, “Both the Martian and Moon terraforming projects are ripe for putting on ‘indefinite hold’. It won’t be much missed by the public, and we can reinstate it. It makes sense, as well, because we have publicly stated that we should deal with domestic matters first.”

Agin shrugged, “We would still like to have those programs running… for the future…”

“Which is in centuries according to the current plan… However,” Kafash interjected, “give us a third of the current budget for R&D to keep our scientists happy and DARWIN/NARF can have the rest.”

A few of the lower cabinet members on the Space side of things clapped. The Accounting lower member, whatever-his-goofy-name-was, smiled and said, “That’s more than half a billion dollars, more than enough!”

Excerpt from Enemy Inside: The Struggles of Doolittlist Politics:

…One of the things that was to make a huge impact on the course of the history of Dolittlism wasn’t on the outside, but growing among the ranks of the Doolittlist population. Those disenfranchised few remained silent through the first few years of the first President Sholaba’s presidency, and had it not been for his trusted cabinet member Agin Kwisaki, those few would have destroyed everything that the Sholaba’s and UriGen had built…

“Congratulations, Agin.” Ayo Bunefe, the best man, patted the groom at the flowery reception in the State Hall of the UWR. “You couldn’t have picked a finer wife for a second, and late, marriage.”

Agin beamed. Ayo turned to the bride and chuckled, “Should I call you Mrs. Kwisaki now?”

“I’m afraid that Zuko Kwisaki is just too much,” the bride chuckled, “Agin and I have to decided that I should just leave my name Zuko Sholaba.”

Ayo smiled, “Any kids?”

Agin shook his head, “Being the step-father to the President of the UWR is more than enough.”

Kafash Ebili, who, although not portly, was not exactly skinny either, was stuffing his face at the buffet, couldn’t help bursting into the conversation, his mouth half full, “What does the public think?”

Mrs. Sholaba laughed, “They think what I tell them to think… Isn’t that right, Payfay, dear?”

“Mother! You know that I hate that name, my name is Chrona now.”

Zuko gave one of those kids-these-days eye rolls and Kafash about fell down. “Your… daughter… is the… TalkPoli host??”

Zuko chuckled, “Even Agin, who has spent all these years in Politics can’t believe some of the aces in my sleeve.”

Nova, who had been standing silently by himself at the periphery of the conversation smiled and added, “Tiga should be preparing for the next presidential elections… By the way, P— er, Chrona, when’s the wedding?”

Zuko’s eyes bulged, “Wedding?”

Chrona sighed and dropped her head, “His name is T. L. Applegate, he’s my producer, and we’re getting married in eight months.”

Zuko chuckled, “I guess I’ll have to… raise his salary. Now, when were you expecting to tell me? I’ll have to do the planning, of course.”

Agin was completely tired and the honeymoon was yet to come. This late into the fifth term and final term Agin had a lot of work to finish… He was thinking on some of this work as he walked quietly down the halls of the UWR “Tower”, where most of the public officials lived. As he rounded a corner he stopped, thinking he had heard a few voices. Though not unusual for there to be talking in the Tower, he strained to hear out of political habit.

“I can’t believe what they are planning to do… I’ve spent five years not believing it, and now I don’t know what to think,” the voice was obviously a lower cabinet member, yet Agin did not recognize it.

A middle cabinet member, from Commerce Agin thought, spoke up, “I say now is the time to strike, while they are still weak.”

The lower member spoke again, “No, let’s do it just as they are… slowly. But, we need a name.”

“I like animals as much as the next, but what the Doolittlists plan is… sacrilegious,” a third voice added, this time someone from outside the cabinet, which scared Agin more than anything, “I say we use the name Saviors of Eden.”

The first voice laughed, “I like it.”

Agin paled and continued to his room… quietly, and yet as quickly as he could muster. Zuko was surprised when he shut the door as quickly as he did. “What’s the matter Agin?”

Agin caught his breath and slid into the bed, “We have enemies, The Saviors of Eden. I heard them conspiring…”

“Calm down, I’m sure we’ll have time to beat them… we just have to add it to the plan. These Edenites cannot stop us, merely slow our plan.”

Agin sighed, “But they know our plan, and we don’t know theirs.”

Zuko smiled, “Plans are just pieces of paper… like laws, some of them are made to be broken. Don’t worry about it.”