An HCE Bot Sandwich with a Chewy Slab of Bathos

5 years ago

The short story is that this week I relieved some stress and helped relieve some creative blockage by jumping headlong into over-thinking and over-working a new project. I'm working on a "Choreographer bot" for playing games with Corvus Elrod's HoneyComb Engine online via wave, email, and IM. I've got a command language parser written (and I think very well tested at this point) and written up documentation for said parser, which currently assumes familiarity with the HCE. I'll post the source code eventually.

I've hesitated to blog it, but most of the longer story should be familiar by now: I'm running on borrowed passion at this point; this year has been a huge kick to the groin for me. As is the case with many works that involve groin kicks, this post may be dark at times, but I'm trying to keep it on the side of dark humour or at least slapstick. I, at least, find the occasional bathetic introspection useful to get out of the system. If you want to invest your sympathy in "Ego credits", may I suggest applying extra funds to Deirdra's Life Flashes By project. Also, I wouldn't be opposed to gifts arriving in my Steam account or PayPal account, not that I expect any this year... I of course still continue daily my shingle hanging and search for gainful employment as a measure of my worth in society, should rumours of such reach little birdies in y'alls ears. If anyone has any ideas on bankrolling a good Relocation Fund, that might be useful, too.

I'm used to being my own worst critic. I've grown up very familiar with the adage that familiarity breeds contempt, and I've seen myself grow angry at ...

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